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The Complete Collection

complete ESL collection
complete ESL resources pack
Elementary General Revision Jeopardy Quiz show
Adverbs of frequency_plan
noun clauses-1_consolidation worksheet
reading text on past simple

Mega Bundle in one download at your disposal! 

Here's a special offer for you to get all of my materials,which are over 550 PDF pages and 35 PowerPoints,  in one go. It's a mega bundle which includes both my materials and esl photocopiables TPT store premium products. They cover most of elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate levels of English language. 

The complete collection comes within a zip file. All the resources are sorted according to their grammar subjects so you'll able to find what you need easily. There are 9 different types of material in the set. The descriptions of these different types of materials are found here. In the set, for the same grammar topic, you'll have different types of materials, which will give you a chance to adjust your classroom toolbox's range to various classes, students or stages of lessons. For example, "consolidation worksheets" are relatively easier than "grammar quizzes". So consolidation worksheets may suit better right after the grammar presentation part.  

The features of this mega bundle 

  • The PowerPoint materials are not grammar presentations in this set! They are flashcard sets, interactive quizzes, games or jeopardy games. They are designed to bring fun time to your classes with game-like features like sound effects or timers. Also, you'll have the editable PowerPoint versions as well, which will give a chance to design them for own classrooms.
  • They are theme-based materials in order to have contextualized lessons all the time. In the set, the vocabulary materials are basically written in one of the themes of photocopiables materials. So it might be a good idea use the relevant vocabulary quiz with the related worksheet.
  • This whole bunch of materials are tested in classroom environments so you'll always be on the right track. 
  • All of the appropriate materials have answer keys embedded in a QR Code, which are great for homework assignments.
  • The grammar quizzes and reading activities have smart answer keys, which suggest sensible and quick explanations to the answers. They are great when classroom management needs more attention and you need to explain concisely.
  • The premium products come with a detailed lesson plan. There are teacher notes with ESL tips for you to conduct a comfortable lesson. For most of the resources, you won't need a lesson plan to use them. However, you can still refer to the relevant resource page to get some extra tips for using them in a different way. They are great for fresh teachers. 
  • Consolidation worksheets come with A&B versions for pair work activities. The set of questions in a consolidation worksheet is divided into two halves evenly. Each part has a matching difficulty by virtue of correspondent questions. This is great when students swap each other's worksheets.They'll have a chance to correct their partner's answer if they've done the correspondent question in their worksheet. Also, you can safely use them in the short quizzes to see a similar result in both halves of your class.

The grammar topics that you'll find in this bundle are given below. You can follow the links on the grammar topics and see the quality of the resources by examining their freebie version.

The grammar topics 

In addition to the topics above the premium products have different grammar topics as well:
  • Gerunds and Infinitives
  • Past Modals
  • Articles
  • The English Alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Spelling Rules
  • There is/ There are


  1. Present Continuous PowerPoint Activity
  2. Past Simple Tense Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  3. Simple Past Consolidation PowerPoint Activity
  4. Past Simple verb forms Interactive game
  5. Present Perfect Tense Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  6. Present Perfect Verb forms Interactive Game
  7. Present Simple Tense and Present Continuous Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  8. Present Simple vs Present Continuous Consolidation PowerPoint Activity
  9. Present Simple vs Present Continuous Word Order PowerPoint Activity
  10. Present Perfect vs Past Simple PowerPoint Consolidation Activity
  11. Present Simple Tense Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  12. Present Simple PowerPoint Activity
  13. Past Continuous Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  14. Past Simple vs Past Continuous Grammar Rules Picture Quiz
  15. Past Simple vs Past Continuous Consolidation PowerPoint
  16. Modals of Ability PowerPoint Quiz
  17. Modals of Obligation Exercise
  18. Modals of Obligation PowerPoint Exercise
  19. Modals of Obligation Quiz
  20. Future Simple Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  21. Be Going To Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  22. Narrative Tenses Interactive Quiz
  23. Relative Clauses Flashcards 
  24. Reported Speech Flashcards 
  25. Noun Clauses Flashcards 
  26. Zero and First Conditionals Consolidation Interactive Exercise
  27. First and Second Conditionals Interactive Consolidation PowerPoint
  28. Passive or Active Voice PowerPoint Quiz
  29. To be and pronouns Interactive Quiz

This whole set of materials are great for schools or language courses who wish to have ready to use materials to supplement their lessons at their disposal.