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The PowerPoints Collection

The PowerPoint resources you find at, including their editable versions, are all bundled up in a one digital download. The collection covers elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate levels of English language, and it's over 200 slides and 35 PowerPoint shows (incl. the flashcards with or without captions).

Engaging PowerPoint shows for ESL classes

The features of PowerPoint Shows

  • The editable PowerPoint versions are included, which will give a chance to design them for own classrooms.
  • Tested in classroom environments so you'll always be on the right track. 
  • Theme-based PowerPoints for contextualized lessons
  • Interactive grammar quizzes
  • Game-like features for fun time
  • Suitable for smart boards

Here's the list of PowerPoint Shows in this bundle:

  1. Present Continuous PowerPoint Activity
  2. Past Simple Tense Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  3. Simple Past Consolidation PowerPoint Activity
  4. Past Simple verb forms Interactive game
  5. Present Perfect Tense Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  6. Present Perfect Verb forms Interactive Game
  7. Present Simple Tense and Present Continuous Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  8. Present Simple vs Present Continuous Consolidation PowerPoint Activity
  9. Present Simple vs Present Continuous Word Order PowerPoint Activity
  10. Present Perfect vs Past Simple PowerPoint Consolidation Activity
  11. Present Simple Tense Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  12. Present Simple PowerPoint Activity
  13. Past Continuous Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  14. Past Simple vs Past Continuous Grammar Rules Picture Quiz
  15. Past Simple vs Past Continuous Consolidation PowerPoint
  16. Modals of Ability PowerPoint Quiz
  17. Modals of Obligation Exercise
  18. Modals of Obligation PowerPoint Exercise
  19. Modals of Obligation Quiz
  20. Future Simple Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  21. Be Going To Flashcards (version without captions incl.)
  22. Narrative Tenses Interactive Quiz
  23. Relative Clauses Flashcards 
  24. Reported Speech Flashcards 
  25. Noun Clauses Flashcards 
  26. Zero and First Conditionals Consolidation Interactive Exercise
  27. First and Second Conditionals Interactive Consolidation PowerPoint
  28. Passive or Active Voice PowerPoint Quiz
  29. To be and pronouns Interactive Quiz

Have fun!

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Past simple ve Past Continuous_consolidation_ppt
Present Simple or Present continuous interactive Exercise
Narrative Tenses Interactive Exercise-wrong slide
correct slide
Past Simple vs Past Continuous_picture_quiz_sentence-slide
modals ability in present and past
modals ability in present and past_question slide