The EFL Powerpoint Shows Collection

Grap the great PowerPoint collection for EFL classes in just one download!


Do you need engaging PowerPoint shows for EFL classes? Then here’s a collection of PowerPoints which cover all levels of English language, and it's over 200 slides and 36 PowerPoint shows. Have a look at the preview PDF below to see the collection.


The features of PowerPoint Shows


  • Tested in classroom environments so you'll always be on the right track.
  • Interactive grammar quizzes
  • Game-like features for a fun time
  • Suitable for smart boards


PowerPoint Shows are grouped as flashcards and interactive activities. The included PowerPoint shows in the bundle are listed below:




1. Past Simple Tense Flashcards

2. Present Perfect Tense Flashcards

3. Present Simple Tense and Present Continuous Flashcards

4. Present Simple Tense Flashcards

5. Past Continuous Flashcards

6. Future Simple Flashcards

7. Be Going to Flashcards

8. Relative Clauses Flashcards

9. Reported Speech Flashcards

10. Noun Clauses Flashcards

11. Comparative Flashcards

12. Superlative Flashcards

13. Countable and Uncountable Nouns Flashcards

14. Zero Conditional Flashcards

15. First Conditional Flashcards

16. Second Conditional Flashcards

17. Third Conditional Flashcards

18. Mixed Conditional Flashcards


Interactive PowerPoint Shows


1. Present Continuous PowerPoint Activity

2. Simple Past Consolidation PowerPoint Activity

3. Past Simple verb forms Interactive game

4. Present Perfect Irregular Verb Forms Interactive Game

5. Present Perfect Word order Interactive Game

6. Present Simple vs Present Continuous Consolidation PowerPoint Activity

7. Present Simple vs Present Continuous Word Order PowerPoint Activity

8. Present Perfect vs Past Simple PowerPoint Consolidation Activity

9. Present Simple PowerPoint Activity

10. Past Simple vs Past Continuous Grammar Rules Picture Quiz

11. Past Simple vs Past Continuous Consolidation PowerPoint

12. Modals of Ability PowerPoint Quiz

13. Modals of Obligation PowerPoint Exercise

14. Narrative Tenses Interactive Quiz

15. Zero and First Conditionals Consolidation Interactive Exercise

16. First and Second Conditionals Interactive Consolidation PowerPoint

17. Passive or Active Voice PowerPoint Quiz

18. To be and pronouns Interactive Quiz


Have fun!




PowerPoint Shows collection for efl classes

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