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Grap the entire ESL photocopiables TPT store collection!

Here's all of my Esl photocopiables TPT store products in one file. You can buy the whole collection instead buying them individually and save $43. The collection covers elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate levels of English language, and it's over 200 pages long and includes PowerPoint jeopardy quizzes.

The features of Premium Products

  • The PowerPoint materials have the editable PowerPoint versions as well, which will give a chance to design them for own classrooms.
  • This whole bunch of materials are tested in classroom environments so you'll always be on the right track. 
  • detailed lesson plan is included in the PDF sets. There are teacher notes with ESL tips for you to conduct a comfortable lesson.  They are great for fresh teachers. 
  • Extra supplementary worksheets are included in order to consolidate the lesson
  • Consolidation worksheets come with A&B versions for pair work activities
  • Lesson plan maps (a one-page reminders of the lesson plans) are included so it'll be much easier to see what's next in the plan. It's great for busy times.
  • The grammar postcards set is also included in this great bundle

The Premium Products in the bundle

  • Esl Grammar Lesson: A Perfect Case- 
  • Esl Quiz Show: American vs. British English
  • Esl Quiz Show: British Life
  • Esl Quiz Show: American Culture
  • Spelling Rules in Past Simple Tense Regular Verbs
  • Spelling Rules in Present Continuous Tense
  • Spelling Rules in Present Simple Tense
  • Esl Grammar Postcards Small Pack for Young Learners [with QR codes]
  • Esl Grammar Postcards on Tenses for Young Learners [with QR codes]
  • Esl Grammar Postcards for Young Learners [with QR codes] 
  • Esl Reading Lesson: Comparative Adjective Spelling Rules
  • Spanish Quiz Show: Conjugating Verbs
  • Esl Quiz Show: Elementary General Revision
  • Esl Lesson: Uncountable Nouns within Containers 
  • Esl Game: Role Playing Cards
  • Esl Lesson: Gerunds&Infinitives 2
  • Esl Lesson: Gerunds&Infinitives 1
  • Esl lesson: articles
  • Esl lesson: Past Modals Review Pack
  • Esl Lesson: Plurals
  • Esl Reading Lesson: Adverbs of Frequency
  • Esl Lesson: The English Alphabet and Numbers
  • Esl Lesson: There is / There are
  • Esl Lesson plan Template
  • Esl Lesson: Conditionals Review
  • Esl Lesson: Third singular person in present simple
  • Esl Lesson: Future Plans and Promises

Have fun!

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Scarlett Pedraza

Your grammar guides a very nicely laid out. Thanks, I will certainly use them with my students here in Italy.


thanks so much for your help

wahiba cherifi

Yes! Thank you! I can't get enough of those exercises!

Ljerka Nađ Baričević

This activity is extremely useful and can be used in different ways...Thanks a lot.


I simply loved the activity! It's PERFECT!!! Thanks a bunch!

Renata Teixeira

Thanks for the text, it's helpful.

Abigail Fernandez

Thanks! This was useful!


Thanks a lot. Just what I need


Thank you so much!


Really useful. I took it for an assessment. Thanks a lot.


Lee heyri

Thanks. Very nice.