The Resource Pack for EFL classes

Here’s the ultimate supplementary book for English Language teachers and learners, which is over 500 pages and includes 9 different types of materials. This great bundle is designed for you to back up your English lessons with great features. The resources are listed according to their grammar subjects, and they cover most of elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate levels of English language.

The features of this mega bundle

  • You can introduce the grammar topics with flashcard sets in this bundle. They are mainly example sentences accompanied by illustrative pictures of that sentence. You can get the PowerPoint versions of these flashcards here.
  • This whole bunch of materials are tested in classroom environments so you'll always be on the right track.
  • All of the appropriate materials have answer keys embedded in a QR Code, which are great for homework assignments.
  • The grammar quizzes and reading activities have smart answer keys, which suggest sensible and quick explanations for the answers. They are great when classroom management needs more attention and you need to explain concisely.
  • There are detailed lesson plans with tips for you to conduct a comfortable lesson. They are great for fresh teachers.
  • Consolidation worksheets come with A&B versions for pair work activities. The set of questions in a consolidation worksheet is divided into two halves evenly. Each part has a matching difficulty of the correspondent questions. This is great when students swap each other's worksheets. They'll have a chance to correct their partner's answer if they've done the correspondent question in their worksheet. Also, you can safely use them in the short quizzes to see a similar result in both halves of your class. After consolidation worksheets, you can use grammar quizzes which are relatively harder than consolidation quizzes.

The preview copy is below, in which you can see the content and samples of different types of materials in this PDF e-book.





The Resource Pack for EFL Classes Book

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