Online ESL Resources

If you're a learner, then start from the grammar presentations which are also grammar consolidation exercises. They are designed to check the important points of grammar subjects. Then, you may continue with different types of exercises. The exercise packs start with the grammar presentations and then continue with exercises related to that grammar subject. The exercises are listed from easy to complicated types of exercises. 

The exercises listed here may be the online version of the resources. You can try them here and decide whether they are suitable or not for your ESL or EFL class. The online exercises packs are listed below according to their grammar subject or vocabulary theme. 

Grammar Exercise Packs

Comparatives and Superlatives

Conditional Clauses

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

English Basics

Modal Verbs

Past Simple

Past Simple vs Past Continuous

Present Continuous

Present Perfect vs Past Simple

Present Simple 

Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Will vs Going to

Vocabulary Exercises



Leisure Activities

Studying Abroad

People and Society

Personal Experiences

School Objects

The Internet