Photocopiables.com is a growing website for English language teachers. It aims to help EFL teachers from all over the world with different theme-based resources both online and print-out.  

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Resource Packs

On Resource Packs page, you'll see the different types of resources bundled up together according to their grammar subject. At photocopiables, there are quite a lot of various resource types, which suit different stages of an EFL lesson. The list is comprised of grammar points that an EFL teacher may look for, such as tenses or tenses in comparison etc. Please refer to the relevant type of resource page for a suggestion of activities.


Types of ESL Resources at photocopiables

Grammar Guide

Grammar guides are one-page grammar guide templates. They are designed, to sum up, the essential grammar points and let the teacher pass into the next stage quickly. They are ideal for one-to-one lessons. 

Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary quizzes are written for the word lists of each vocabulary theme. They usually accompany different types of resources at photocopiables. They can be used as an introduction or a follow-up activity along with the resource which is in the same vocabulary topic. They are ideal for pre-intermediate classes.

Consolidation Worksheets

This type of material is ideal for consolidating the grammar subject right after its introduction. After the presentation or the introduction of the grammar subject, there’s a need for checking whether the input has been understood and see students can use it in a controlled exercise. Consolidation worksheets, which are theme-based, are relatively easy exercises and aim to check the most crucial parts in English grammar.They can also be used as a preliminary stage to grammar quiz resources.

Grammar Quiz

These kinds of worksheets are a bit more difficult than consolidation worksheets and aim to practice the grammar subject. They can also be given as a homework assignment and the provided QR code answer keys will be a great tool for home study.

Cloze Test

Cloze Tests are designed to assess students' competency on a grammar subject. They should be used in the final stage of a grammar lesson or as a revision which covers all the grammar points of a subject. They are the types of questions, which can be found on proficiency exams.

Error Correction

As its name suggests it's basically the correction of mistakes. These worksheets are written from my common mistakes corpus, which is constituted during the years of my teaching. They are the mistakes that my students usually do in my classes. When you give out error correction worksheets, you'll usually hear from your students that whether all the sentences are correct or not. Their mistakes look so natural to them. 

PowerPoint Activity

PowerPoint activities are designed to consolidate the grammar subject right after its introduction on interactive boards or smart boards. They are quite similar to consolidation worksheets and are designed as an interactive board version of them. Some sound effects, action buttons of correct or wrong answers and a timer are added for fun time in class. They suit your lessons best right after the presentation of the grammar subject. There are also various game-like presentations which can be used in ESL classes. 

Reading Activity

Reading Activity worksheets are generally designed to support grammar lessons. They include a reading text and some different types of questions to check student’s comprehension about the topic. They are written in order to deploy various grammar concepts in a written context. So, they can ideally be used as a presentation material to show the grammar concept in use. The chosen topics for the reading activities are generally staged reading texts or newspaper articles written for photocopiables.com.

About the Creator

Photocopiables.com is created by Volkan Tırpancı. He’s a highly experienced English teacher with more than 15 years. He’s been writing EFL resources since his first year in teaching English. He achieved CELTA, which is the certificate of teaching English to Adults, in 2010 and also got another certificate on teaching English from Istanbul University in Turkey. He has quite a lot of experience with many age groups, especially high school students. He can also speak Turkish (mother tongue) and Spanish fluently. He’s married and father of a cute little girl, Daphne.

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