Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Quizzes to Expand your Students’ Vocabulary

Vocabulary quizzes are language tests to check your students' knowledge of specific vocabulary themes. They also help to constitute other resources’ contents at photocopiables. Hence, ideally, they will be more beneficial if they accompany other supplementary materials such as grammar quizzes or consolidation worksheets.

What’s covered in vocabulary quizzes?

The vocabulary themes are on a particular subject, and they comply with the themes of main course books that Turkey Ministry of Education publishes. They are topics like tourism, leisure activities or chores that are common themes in teaching English. In Teacher’s copy, you can find things like the US or the UK version or the of specific prepositions that accompany the lexical item. 

What's the suggested procedure?

I definitely advise you to use the A&B versions of the vocabulary quizzes. They’ll increase classroom interaction to a much higher level. The procedure is straightforward. First, start by eliciting some words or phrases around the given theme, and put them on board in a vocabulary tree. If possible, group the words or phrases in branches. Then, divide the class and give out the vocabulary hand out as As and Bs. When students have finished, just ask them to swap and check it. If there are any new words or phrases other than the ones you have on your board, just put them as a new lexical item on board, and grow your vocabulary tree. In this way, you can turn your lesson into an excellent vocabulary learning hour.

What’s included in the set?

Each vocabulary set includes:

  • A teacher’s copy with notes and answer key
  • Vocabulary worksheet with and without QR code answer key