PowerPoint Activity

Bring Fun Time to your ESL Lessons with PowerPoint Activities

At photocopiables, PowerPoint activities are usually the digital twins of the consolidation worksheets. They usually have the same aim of consolidation worksheets: to consolidate what has been just covered. The design of the question set is very similar to consolidation worksheets but they all have a different set of questions.  They can also serve as an interactive ESL game on your smart board, which will bring fun time to your classes. They do not include complex exercises when compared especially with grammar quizzes, and are relatively easier than consolidation worksheets.

Where do the PowerPoint activities fit in lessons?

It depends on the main aim of the PowerPoint activity.

If it’s designed for consolidating a grammar point, it’ll be a good idea to use them after what has been just covered. If it’s an ESL activity, you can use them as a revision material.

What are the ESL game features in PowerPoint activities?

All PowerPoint activities include features which can help students motivate and engage actively in your lessons. They usually have a timer, interactive buttons to check the answer and also sound effects to increase excitement.

What’s the suggested procedure?

There are many ways to use PowerPoint activities in your ESL lessons. If you want fun time in your lesson, you can play a language game with it.

After you’ve covered a grammar subject, divide the class into two or choose two groups of students. Assign a student to make the scoreboard of the game. Toss a coin and choose the first group to start the game, which is very important as some questions can be easy for a group and your students can object to this. Then, the student or the group answers the question in the given time. Before proceeding to next question you can review the question as a class or get some feedbacks about the question. Also, you may ask the class to be the jury and decide whether the answer is correct or not. At the end the student who has taken the scores announces the final score and the game finishes.