Countable and Uncountable Nouns Reading Text Online Quiz

The online version countable and uncountable nouns reading text quiz

Read the text below and decide if the statements are true or false.



George: I’m going out. Do you want anything?

Sally: Could you buy some stuff from the shop?

George: All right. What do you want?

Sally: Well, we haven’t got much milk.

George: How much milk do you want?

Sally: We need two bottles of milk.

George: How about strawberry jam? Have we got any jam?

Sally: Oh yes, there isn’t any jam left. We need a jar of strawberry jam. And also we’ve finished the butter. We need some butter.

George: OK. I think I‘ve finished the last beer. I’ll buy 5 or 6 bottles of beer.

Sally: OK. There's a little oil left. Please, buy a bottle of oil.

George: No problem. Do you want to eat fish at dinner?

Sally: Ah, yes. I want you to buy four tins of fish, and also some bread. There isn’t much bread left.

George: How many loaves of bread do you want?

Sally: A loaf of brown bread is enough. Would you like some coffee after dinner?

George: Of course.

Sally: Then, buy us a bag of coffee. At last, we only have few packets of pasta. Could you buy some more pasta? You know we eat pasta almost every day.

George: OK, no problem.

Sally: One more thing. Don’t buy any nuts. We have got a lot.

George: All right!