Past Simple Reading Text Online Exercise

The interactive exercise version of the Last Summer Holiday reading activity. The passage uses past simple a lot. You can practice your reading skills with this short exercise. Read the text below and answer the questions according to it.

Last Summer Holiday

Last Summer I went to Nice. It's a great place to have a holiday. People are very friendly and hospitable. Especially, the port of Nice is a fantastic place to visit.

On the first day, we went to a restaurant with a terrace. It had a wonderful view of the sea. Also the dishes were absolutely delicious. On the second day, we went to two museums. First we went to an art museum. There weren't many pictures, but there were many contemporary art productions. I didn't like them a lot. Second we went to a very unusual museum of bric-à-brac. There was a lot of old bric-à-brac from different places of the World. It was really interesting to see. After visiting the museums, we returned to our hotel room as we were really tired.

At last, we spent a whole day at the great beaches of Nice. We swam, sunbathed and had great time on the beach of Nice.

It was a short but very entertaining and relaxing holiday. I definitely want to go to Nice again.