Present Simple and Present Continuous ESL Reading Text Online Quiz

The online version of the Present Simple and Present Continuous ESL reading text worksheet. Try out the questions here before using them in your EFL lessons.

Jonathan's Last Day

Jonathan is a famous baker. He's hard-working and punctual. He always gets up at three o'clock every night and bakes his products. Then he has his breakfast with his wife and opens his bakery. He usually has his favourite pear marmalade for breakfast. He has many customers until afternoon. At noon, he has lunch at home. After lunch, he leaves the bakery to his son and sleeps about two hours. He returns to the shop and chats with his favourite customers. He’s been the only baker in the town for quite a long time, and now he has many friends who shop at his bakery. It’s been the same routine for almost 25 years.

Today his daily routine is not the same. It’s the last day in his bakery. He's going to retire tomorrow. He is going to be in Hawaii with his wife next week. He has already booked his tickets. His son is going to take care of the bakery. He normally wears white clothes, but today he's wearing a Hawaiian shirt. It's two o'clock now. He always has a siesta after lunch, but today he’s having a cup of espresso with his best friend.

He’s had a wonderful working life. Now, he is ready to start a new life. He wants to see new places. There’s a luxury liners company in town, and they send a liner every Sunday to many different exotic places around the world. Tonight, he’s starting his journey with his wife from the harbour. Tonight, one of the luxury liners is leaving the harbour. Jonathan and his wife are embarking on it to start their new life.