Noun Clauses Flashcards

Do you want to introduce noun clauses with example sentences? Here's a set of flashcard with pictures of noun clause sentences. Below, you'll see the example sentences of noun clauses which accompanies the pictures.

Although noun clauses are no more than simple sentences on their own, they are dependent clauses and make sentences as complex sentences when they are joined to them. For most learners, they are very complicated structures. They need to be examined and simplified by describing their roles in a sentence. It'll be much more comprehensible after explaining and marking their roles in a sentence. 

The PowerPoint flashcard set is divided into three sections: Noun clauses as subjects, noun clauses as objects, and noun clauses as subjects complement. It'll be a great presentation when they are grouped according to their roles and highlighted in a single sentence. 


Noun Clauses as Subjects

What they wore at the party was just crazy.

How Sarah waited for her present was so cute.

Whether he’s bought that old car (or not) isn’t certain yet.

That I have the laziest cat in the world is no secret.

Noun Clauses as an Object

I don’t know how I will send this chinaware set.

I’m not sure whether those tomatoes are ripe or not.

I’m pretty sure (that) she’ll love this breakfast.

Noun Clauses as Subject Complements

This is how this pickup first looked like.

George’s only happiness is that he has this car.

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