Past Simple vs Past Continuous Consolidation PowerPoint

Here's an excellent PowerPoint to consolidate past simple and past continuous tenses within a timed quiz on your interactive boards. The context is "internet".

Where does it fit in the lesson?

This PowerPoint activity is great for practising the basics of the two tenses in comparison right after grammar introduction. It preferably should be used to complete the presentation stage as it covers the typical differences between the two tenses in a clear way. The answers should be obvious to students if they have grasped the differences fully. They can be easily answered without much hesitation. Each question should be answered in 15 seconds, which will be a fun time for your lessons. 

What's Covered?

The common uses of both tenses are covered in the questions.

  • The use past continuous to talk about an action happening at specific time in the past
  • The use of past simple interrupting an ongoing action in the past
  • Two parallel actions happening simultaneously in the past 
  • Single completed events in the past

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