Past Simple vs Past Continuous Grammar Quiz

A grammar quiz on past simple and past continuous tenses in the context of an SMS dialogue. It's written in the "internet" vocabulary theme. 

What's Covered?

This grammar quiz is designed to revise both tenses in an SMS dialogue in the context of the "internet" vocabulary theme. The given words in the texting box are taken from the internet vocabulary theme. The uses of both tenses are employed in the context of an SMS dialogue appropriately. The use of simple past tense for interrupting past actions is highlighted. Before giving out the worksheet, it may be a good idea to elicit the uses of past continuous on the board. Then, at the feedback stage, you can match the uses of the two tenses with the sentences in the worksheet. Also, if you feel your students do not know the necessary vocabulary, just teach or elicit them in advance. They'll get the vocabulary fully when they see them in the context of the SMS dialogue.

There's also the online version of this worksheet here.


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