Present Simple Consolidation Worksheet

A fill in the blanks consolidation worksheet to review present simple tense. The worksheet is written in the context of the studying abroad theme. You can check the studying abroad theme vocabulary here.

What structures are covered in the worksheet?

The consolidation worksheet is designed to follow up a successful presentation or a revision of the present simple tense for elementary level English classes. It should be used when the present simple is presented including the question forms. Hence, this worksheet covers many structures used with present simple tense. The covered forms and cases are:

  • The positive and negative forms of to be
  • The use of present simple tense in the third person singular
  • The use of positive and negatives forms in simple present tense
  • The use of "do" as the main verb

There's also a PowerPoint version of this material with the same set of questions, which can be used on your interactive boards as well. 

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