Present Simple Tense and Present Continuous Flashcards

Here's a set of flashcards which illustrate example sentences utilising both present simple and present continuous tenses. They compare both tenses in meaningful contexts and illustrate common examples that use them together.

Example Sentences of Present Simple and Present Continuous tenses Flashcards

  • I don’t know Chinese. I’m going to a Chinese course.
  • My mum cooks fried eggs in the mornings but she’s not cooking them now.
  • My little puppy usually feels well but it’s feeling ill today.
  • My brother usually gets up at eight but he’s sleeping today.
  • Melissa doesn’t ice skate alone and she’s ice skating with her mother now.
  • John plays the guitar very good and he’s playing it right now.
  • Sarah loves playing the harp. She’s playing it on the street now.
  • The lessons finish at 13.30 today. We’re having our last lesson now.
  • Tom doesn’t know how to play the guitar. He’s taking guitar lessons these days.
  • We stay at home on Saturdays but we’re having a party this Saturday.


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