First Conditional Clauses Flashcards

Here's a set of flashcards of example sentences to illustrate First Conditional clauses. The example sentences show different forms of First Conditional clauses and the pictures help to understand the sentences.

Example Sentences of First Conditional Flashcards

  • If she studies hard, she will pass her exams.
  • If she doesn’t study hard, she won’t pass her exams.
  • If Alex finishes his homework on time, he will get a big bar of chocolate.
  • Alex will get a big bar of chocolate if he finishes his homework on time.
  • If my aunt comes tonight, we will watch a film and eat popcorn together.
  • If I go to Paris, I can see the Eiffel tower.
  • If I have free time tomorrow, I might play golf with you.
  • If we have some eggs in the fridge, I’m going to cook a delicious omelette.


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