A New Flat

Here's an excellent dialogue between two friends about buying a new flat. The two friends use zero, first and second conditionals in context and the meanings behind those clauses are questioned in the true/false comprehension questions. 

What's the procedure?

There may be various ways to use this handout in ESL classes. In my opinion, it's best to accompany a grammar revision lesson on the relevant conditional clauses.

First, warm up the class with questions about buying a new flat. You can ask several questions about the relation between their estimated prices and location or features. You can also review the types of houses before the activity. There's a picture of a flat and a detached house displayed on the worksheet for your convenience. Notably, it'll be a good idea to exploit the "detached house" photo, as its meaning is essential for the comprehension of a second conditional clause in the text. Then, just ask your students to read and answer the questions in the worksheet.

In the feedback stage, ask your students for some evidence to support their answers. 

As a follow-up activity, you can ask your students to identify conditional clauses in the text and then elicit the rationale behind their use of them. 

A QR code answer key for your homework assignments and a smart answer key with short explanations for the answers are included.

There's also an online version of this material. You can try it before you take it to your class.

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