First and Second Conditionals Interactive Consolidation PowerPoint

An ESL game on first and second conditionals for your grammar lessons. It's designed to follow a nice presentation on second conditionals and help students compare first and second conditional to consolidate both. It has a game-like structure, and I strongly advise to set up a grammar competition, which will help you get whole class participate in the activity. 

The game is simple. Students read the given situations in each slide and try to decide on the correct conditional sentence that might be used in that case. Students also should provide an answer by hitting the conditional sentence box in thirty seconds.

What's covered?

This PowerPoint activity covers the basic concepts behind the two types of conditionals: The probable future and the improbable present or future. Before the activity, it'll be a good idea to write a first and second conditional sentence on board and then ask suitable concept checking questions like "is it possible to happen?", "Are you imagining?"  to consolidate the meaning of the two types of clauses. The concept checking questions will also guide them in the game to choose the correct answer.

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