Present Perfect Tense Forms Interactive Exercise

Here's a resource for interactive boards on present perfect tense. It covers the word order and verb forms of present perfect tense in the theme of "personal experience".It's a short quiz of eight questions.

Challenge your students with 30-second questions 

The resource covers all the sentence forms including question word order. So it'll be best to use it after completing all forms and feel that your students are ready for a challenging activity. The questions are relatively easy; however, the 30 seconds timer turns the activity in a challenging exercise, and it's really confusing for many students.

What's Covered?

Along with word order in present perfect tense, students need to remember the past participle of the verbs, which is also very challenging to remember for students in a limited time. It'll be a good idea to tell your students that they should worry about the meaning first and then the other things. In the game, there are a few jumbled sentences in negative forms in which most students fail who neglects the meaning of the sentence. The difficulty of the questions is proportionally shared between two groups. 

You can also try the print-out version of this resource, which includes a different set of questions.

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Liked these interactive exercises, they're very useful and facinating. My students become more engaged, I advise it evryone.

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