Irregular Verb Patterns

English is a pretty regular language and exempt from irregularities when compared with many other languages. However, learning irregular verbs can pose a problem for students. There are more than 600 irregular verbs in English, and around 200 of them are commonly used. Memorizing is a general strategy put into practice by many students for learning these verbs.

This worksheet suggests another way to tackle with irregular verbs in English. There are many common traits found in irregular verb changes, such as whether there is a change from past simple form to past participle form or not. This worksheet groups irregular verbs according to their change and also attaches other patterns, which can be found in the teacher's copy, to facilitate learning them. 

The irregular verbs worksheet has three versions in the PDF set. One of them is an irregular verb chart which groups the verbs to their changes in their forms. The other two ones are filling the chart activity for students. Students need to remember the irregular forms of the given verbs in the chart and write them. In the second version, students also need to figure out the pattern as well. In the teacher's copy, there are some similar verbs follow the same patterns, and also some notes for the specific verbs are given. 

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